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Ever come home to find the all the ants in the world seem to have moved in? Like termites, ants like humid, warm areas, and the Gold Coast and Brisbane has plenty of them.  Maybe it’s time to consider ant control?


Free food and a side order.

Ants love to munch on your food, and even more so, your pets’ food. Unfortunately, some kinds of ants also enjoy a side order of plastic with your food, such as the coating on your home’s wiring, making them a dangerous housemate.

Seek and destroy

We locate and destroy the ants’ nest and use pet/kid friendly chemicals to kill those that remain in your home. When you see ants, give us a call. They live long lives and reproduce quickly, making time of the essence


Fun Ant Fact:

Among all living insects, ants enjoy the longest life. They can live to around 30 years of age!

Price starts at

$250.00 (+ GST)

Based on standard 1-4 bedroom home with no sub flooring


30 days warranty

Application Areas

Exact areas of Application to be determined by Technician on the day.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom areas
  • Window & Door frames
  • Roof void
  • Wall cavities
  • Lawns
  • Rockeries
  • Paths
  • Any other areas with signs of ant activity

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