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Hearing noises in the walls? Finding bits of food in odd places? Seeing some little gifts that you don’t really want? Has something electrical just stopped working? From chewing electrical cables to contaminating the food we eat, rodents are a real nuisance. Maybe it’s time for some rodent pest control?


Effective rodent control solution

Resolution Pest’s methods & products for controlling and eradicating rodents will rid your home/property of rats & mice fast, safely and effectively.

Don’t leave it too late.

Rodents can quickly make your home their own and numbers will increase dramatically before you know it. Book now to reduce damages on your household and prevent the spread of illnesses within your family


Safe trap positioning

Our rodent traps are expertly placed securely OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN & PETS!


Fun Fact:

Rats are great swimmers and they can wade water for up to 3 days

Price starts at

$150.00 (+ GST)



3 Months External

Application Areas

Tamper proof rodent stations placed in exact areas determined by the technician on the day.
  • Roof Void
  • Sub-floor
  • Sheds
  • Behind fridges, dishwasher and washing machine

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