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It doesn’t take much for your beloved pet to bring fleas into the house. Once they are in they can take up home in a carpet, rug or even your bed! Catch them before you and your pets go crazy with the little critters!


Effective flea pest treatments

Resolution Pest’s methods & products for controlling and eradicating fleas will rid your home/property fast, safely and effectively.

Don’t leave it too late.

Killing the fleas on your pets isn’t enough to stop an infestation. By then there will be eggs and pupae in the carpet, in between the floor boards and who knows where else. Enlisting the services of an pest control expert is your only hope to stop the onslaught of even more fleas.


Flea Fact:

A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. Typically, it’s more like 20 eggs, but that means that a single prolific female flea can cause a major infestation in less than two months. If you start with one female flea at maximum egg production, and assuming that half of the eggs are breeding females, in just 60 days you could have more than 20,000 fleas on your hands! This is how a serious infestation can happen before you even realize there is an issue.

Price starts at

$230.00 (+ GST)

                                                                                        (1 – 4 rooms)

$260.00 (+ GST)

                                                                                        (5 – 6 rooms)

$55 extra per additional room (example: media rooms, studies, gym rooms)

$25 extra per additional bathroom (example: any extras other than main and ensuite)

Internal and External Treatment.


3 Months

Application Areas

Exact areas determined by the technician on the day.
  • Flooring
  • Skirtings
  • Cracks & crevices
  • Lawns
  • Garden beds
  • Under house
  • Wall perimeter

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